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Hilltop litter pickers

For the last few months I’ve been a volunteer with the local litter pickers. It gives me something of value to do  with some exercise and feel that it’s a worthwhile thing to be involved in..

We meet up to perform our duties every couple of weeks in or around Shaftesbury, usually on every other Wednesday. We’re issued with the yellow coats and the picking up gadgets by some local firms who sponsor us, so only have to get ourselves to the meeting point each time.


Here we are at the meeting point before setting off on our allocated routes today. As you see, we’re all oldies  Quite a good turn-out for a small town deep in the Dorset country -side.

Sometimes some of us will clean an area independently . A few weeks ago me and another cleaned up at a lay=by near here and collected lots  of rubbish just from there.


The grass and hedge area around the lay-by before we got to work.


Why folk chuck their rubbish at places like this and  are so disgusting, I cannot fathom out.

A large part of the rubbish is from take-away places in the nearby town. If the containers were reusable and could be returned to the take-away to reclaim a small sum as deposit, the whole problem would disappear. When I was a kid , fizzy drinks came in reusable glass bottles and we could earn some pocket-money  returning them to the store to get a few pennies back..so us children cleaned up to get some spending money.

I wrote to our MP suggesting this a few months ago.  The Govt have made a start by introducing the plastic bag tax – a  step in the  right direction.methinks, so would be just a small advance to control the take-away litter. He hasn’t seen fit to bother to reply .

Please dispose of this posting carefully after reading , although it’s made up up of just bips and beeps , so counts as environmentally friendly.