Sailing my Paradox and country living

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introducing myself

My days of sailing my little boat are over now winter is coming, until next spring I would think,  as the weather this week has been very rough with heavy showers and blustery winds. The weather may improve next week, but I have some medical appointments to attend and anyway the days are getting so short that there is little time available for making passages in daylight – which I prefer.

So, there will be plenty of time for walking in the nearby fields and taking in all the agricultural work that happens there.

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I bought these Alt-berg boots just a year ago. More expensive than I would normally fork out for but they’re so comfortable and -so far – completely water proof.

resized_dog walks october 2014 001 .


This is my assistant who also enjoys our walks

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So , as always, spent some time sitting on board the boat while she’s safely parked in the shed to while away some time and using my imagination… .

The new solar panel .Sadly had to replace the old one as it was damaged by the sliding hatch scuffing it.

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The tiller pilot is a another new addition. I’m pleased with it, and now I know that it works well as   I’ve fitted it, will made some modifications to the wooden fixing bracket to tidy up the installation.

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Took all the food tins off the boat for the winter today and noticed some of the tins were getting rusty

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