Sailing my Paradox and country living


Blogging  is new for me and since I’m still learning the ropes there will be some mistakes made until I get the hang of it. So please forgive me for any errors that you spot.

I live in the countryside near Shaftesbury in the UK and much of the content  will be about my walks near here and rural life in Britain.

I  occasionally sail one of the few British Paradox micro cruisers and I’ll talk often of trips taken in her.  This boat suits me well as it can be easily trailed behind my car,  is quick to prepare for launching, comfortable and cosy. The performance is better than you would think it would be, considering her  low snug rig.

I like older cars and have a 1978 Citroen Dyane. Driving this car is  very entertaining, always cheers me up and it’s used for some occasional nice camping trips


resized_dog walks october 2014 001 (31)

The Dyane reposing in the shed, a corner of the hatch of the Paradox in the foreground and a glimpse of my old Fergie tractor beyond.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jim- your Sept Poole trip blog was very interesting, but where is Rusty Bow Point? Or has it another name? I hope to get round the shallow bits more next year when I get the West Wight Potter going…
    John BPoole


    • Rusty Bow is my own name for it, because there is the bow section from an old steel fishing boat on the beach there. On the chart it’s called Redhorn Quay. But there’s no quay now, although there are big lumps of stone nearby, presumably used to load boats with stone from the Purbeck quarries in past times?


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