Sailing my Paradox and country living


The stuff of life

During my last 16 day sailing trip I had more trouble with deteriorating loaves of bread than with any other fresh food.

I depend heavily on bread for so much of my diet while afloat and the problem of keeping it in good condition is fairly central. I only cook a proper meal with fresh ingredients once a day and reach for the bread for sustenance at most other times. So breakfast, lunch and supper will likely include bread. There are so many different things that can be spread on a slice of bread making  lot of variety possible.

I prefer to be self sufficient and independent of shops for a 2 or 3 week period, as that allows me the freedom  I seek,  able to stay at the more remote places without being forced to find shops and stores within walking range .

I’ve learned to chose the types of fresh fruit and vegetables which keep well for a long period in the less than ideal conditions on my little boat, or, to eat the ones that keep less well  first and use the long lasting ones later and I’m happy with that.

So bread has been the the weakest  link in my food scheme so far.  Towards the end of my last trip I tried to make bread after I’d run out of the bought stuff, using the Trangia but It really didn’t work out.  It stuck badly to the bottom of the aluminium pan although I’d used plenty of olive oil to wet the pan first, so broke up into fragments as I tried to pries it out . Also it tasted a bit unwholesome – slightly bitter , maybe because the flour was 3 years beyond its use by date…..who knows



The bread mix -old stock strong flour, salt and water before cooking


After cooking for 40 minuets on a low heat. Tasted a little bitter – was the flour rancid? It stuck badly to the bottom and sides of the aluminium pan . I’m considering spending out on some non-stick pans for the Trangia. Available on Amazon , but a bit costly for my slender wallet.

I now think that I have a solution. Bought some of these in Lidl the other day


not expensive. A very long shelf life is a plus, although they are a bit dry and hard for my ideal.