Sailing my Paradox and country living

Size is everything



Another few days cruising in June.

The usual mixture of calms and strong winds. Some  helping greatly, some right on the nose, making progress impossible. Some sunny days and some wet, which kept me  in my cozy little domain below

Sometime I find my little boat too little and lust after something bigger . Often I visit on a bigger boat for social chatting, cups of coffee and afterwards hunger for just a bit more space. , where I could take perhaps 3 steps before falling overboard and be able to stretch my old bones without having to lie down to do it.

Then I find my own private anchorage. so shallow that the  big boats- the ones with all that interior space are excluded and I can enjoy solitude.. Then I know that I’ve chosen wisely.




2 thoughts on “Size is everything

  1. Hi Jim,
    What is it with us sailors, we always yearn for something bigger?
    I was building a Paradox (now on hold) but I got impatient and bought an old Folkboat just so I could get on the water. I also secretly yearn to sail a long way off shore but that’s a way off … and with repairs and maintenance it will take longer.
    For me, although the Paradox is not a Bluewater design, you have chosen wisely. IMHO It’s attractions are; easy handling on and off the water, ability to take it home for work, mods, slipping and to other waterways, and I think in Australia, apart from trailer rego I would avoid many on going costs, registrations, in effect government interference/surveillance into how, when and where I sail.
    Paradox is KISS principle in practice.

    Cheers Terry


    • Thanks Terry I can see the attraction of a ready built instant boat.,. If you were still building a Paradox, there’s a strong possibility that you’d be still hard at work with glue and saw instead of sailing…. I too took a short cut to get afloat and I didn’t build my Paradox personally, but bought it from the original builder for no more than the cost of the materials .

      So I’m in no position to criticise someone who would prefer to sail a ready made boat rather than build.


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