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A new Cornish Lugger


Just built in one one of the boatyards alongside the Milbrook Creek and seen north of Weir Quay the next day, after launching.


Sadly I know nothing else about her, but so pleased to see a brand new traditional boat and a fair sized one at that. Must have taken a lot effort and money to build her. Most impressive.

So, that’s three boats of that type in the Plymouth area that I know of. This one, the one moored at Cremyll and the Four Brothers moored  at Milbrook.

If anyone reading this knows any more, I’d love to hear about it.




2 thoughts on “A new Cornish Lugger

  1. Hey…I really like your blog. I only came across it as I was looking to see if there was any news of where my old mate Nick Skeats might be. Funnily enough i think the last time I caught up with him was at Millbrook a good 10 years back on a flying visit : ( I’m writing from New Zealand. I came here 20 plus years ago and built a Wylo…But that a long story..anyway if you happen to drift past Nick again please send him my best wishes.
    Fair winds
    Ps Your blog’s an inspiration to me. oh for a simple life : )


    • Hi Aaron. Thanks for your comment. Next time I see young Nick I’ll pass on your message.

      We run into each other now and again because his sister lives near here and he’s a fellow Citroenist…too.


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