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Jester Start at Plymouth

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I saw them all off. Not sure how many participants were there as is was impossible to distinguish the contestants’ boats from all the onlookers…..

I tried to get them all in one shot but they were too scattered for that so here’s a general shot of some of them.




Glen Maxwell flying the stars and stripes, the first and ,so far, only American to ever take part.IMG_0007.JPG


Glen taking a photo of me while I take a photo of him.


And Bill Churchouse in his Belgean- the boat he lives on and sails all over.

The start line was further into Cawsand Bay than is usual for this year. Normally it’s at the end of the breakwater which is marked with this cute little lighthouse


After the start , I high tailed it towards the east with the wind behind me  and after a cracking fast sail, made Salcombe easily with some tide to spare. Meanwhile the Jesters were plugging into a headwind and making slower progress

I overnighted in Southpool creek , on a borrowed mooring and now , a day later  in Dartmouth at anchor.


Salcombe in the morning sunshine.


Entering Dartmouth tonight.



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