Sailing my Paradox and country living

River Tamar Meandering

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Since my visit to Milbrook Creek I’ve been mooching in relaxed way in the River Tamar. I ran into Bill Churchouse at Cargreen and as Bill’s a very sociable fellow didn’t get any further along the river that day


Here ‘s Bill wearing his Jester Challenge hat specially for the photo. Taken while my Paradox was rafted alongside  Bill’s boat at Cargreen. He’s taking a break on a the free mooring until the start of the Challenge  on Sunday.

I went ashore for a stroll around the village later that day, beaching my boat on the gravel causeway on the falling tide.


A  nice little village but few facilities. No shop there and the pub closed down some years ago, although I see there is a new planning application to redevelop the pub site.


This building is in Cargreen. It looks to me as it has ecclesiastical origins.

The old red telephone box has found a new use.




Some quaint cottages.


And an upmarket bee keeper’s house, witha row of beehives overlooking the river


IMG_0016.JPGIMG_0014.JPGgers a

I eventually got back to my boat just before the tide floated me off and sat on an empt y mooring near to where Bill was moored

In the  evening, Denis Gorman,  another of the Jester Challengers appeared. So more socialising


and Denis tried out my Paradox for size.


So yesterday was mostly spent socialising with very little time for sailing.

Today, I tried to make up for it by using the tide for a trip up river, but only got a couple of miles when another empty mooring was too much temptation for me and I decided to take break for lunch and a short snooze

The tides run very hard in the River Tamar


Look at the speed of the water rushing past that blue pick-up buoy.

That’s it for now. Not much sailing and lots of relaxing and chatting.




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