Sailing my Paradox and country living

The Dart again

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Still a favourite of mine. A lovely river and has a convenient place to launch with a secure place to leave the car and trailer for a couple of weeks..

The slipway is good too with half a mile of mud to launch into…



But the tide retuned soon enough and I was able to move downstream to anchor for the night in the shallows outside Kilngate House

I saw that the old WW2 motor vessel which was moored near t5he slipway is reduced to a few blackened lumps of charcoal . It was a sizeable craft , perhaps 60 ft long, double diagonal built and  had been an Air-Sea rescue launch during its prime. I find it sad when these old relics disappear. Although there is still one of these in service on the Dart being used as tripper boat.

Kilngate House


looking up the river from my anchorage



Although anchored out of the main channel and in water shallow enough to dry out at low tide during the night, I thought it best to put out my paraffin anchor lamp.


You’ll note how my equipment is all modern and up-to-date….

The Paradox is all stocked up, ready for a 2 week jaunt.



All set for a peaceful night and off to Plymouth tomorrow.




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