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More recent sailing.Part 2. My trip with Geoff on Appledore Belle

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So, I eventually arrived at the Cargreen moorings and rafted alongside Geoff’s boat for the night.

The plan was to leave my boat on the mooring for a couple of days while Geoff and me sailed off to Mevagissey and back in his.  Geoff has had a few health problems and can’t sail solo these days and I’d said previously that I would go for a sail with him so that he can get in another trip before the winter sets in. It’s a shame that our trip was so short.

Geoff’s boat seemed huge when I got on board. Must be about 8 times the volume of mine. You can actually stand up while inside…..It’s a 22 footer but big even for that length being a tubby family type cruiser.

It has that strange Bermudan rig – two pointed sails and a diesel engine. It was the diesel that we used to power us out down river to Plymouth Sound , where we unrolled the genoa and hoisted the mainsail.

The mainsail has a bolt rope which fits into a grove in the mast and so has to be carefully fed into place as the sail is hoisted. Quite a slow, fiddly,  business compared with raising sail on  mine .

The forecast was for a N f4 and -for a change it was right, and we made fine progress along the coast towards the west with the sheets eased. There was a little tidal current with us and we were making 5 knots generally in the right direction.

We arrived in Mevagissey at about 5 pm and moored up in the harbour on the fore and aft type visitors buoys.   It was my first time inside Mevagissey harbour as when that way in my little boat, I anchor in Portmellon Cove – which is free, while you have to pay to go into the harbour itself ..( I’m such a skinflint)    We rowed ashore in Geoff’s little inflatable dinghy – another new experience for me, as I normally land ashore direct from my boat and don’t need a tender

.resized_september trip 2015 038.

resized_september trip 2015 037

Mevagissey, a Cornish fishing village

We had a pint and meal in a pub in the village and then rowed back to the boat just before it got dark.

We went ashore again in the morning so that Geoff could pay the mooring fee –  expensive these harbours – and so that I could get to the local shop to stock up with fresh vegies before returning to my  miniature cut- back life on Faith.

The return to Cargreen was all uneventful. Some wind, though not as much as the day before and the tide was more against us than with us. We made it back to Cargreen just before dark with the aid of the diesel engine and I was able to get on board my own little boat again and scuttle off to another empty mooring to spend the night in my little Hobbit Hole on my own.

Thanks for the hospitality Geoff. We’ll do it again one day.

.resized_september trip 2015 040

Geoff aboard the Appledore Belle.


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