Sailing my Paradox and country living

June 2015 sailing trip – final thoughts


resized_june 2015 trip 038

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My Paradox.

The  new blind, made from an old army tent, sticks onto the hatch with velcro and with a safety lanyard so that it won’t be lost when the wind rips it off.. Helps keep the interior cooler when the sun is blazing down. Does work well.

And for the chilly evenings

resized_june 2015 trip 041

The little charcoal heating stove has been given a new flue pipe as the old one was looking rusty. It didn’t actually cost me any extra, as I used the the bit left over from  when I made the original one..,. I still have the original rusty looking one and may get around to sprucing that up so that I have as a spare.

The Tiller pilot

Used the replacement one a lot so that  it had it a hard testing and hopefully discover any weakness while  it was  within the the guarantee period..

It makes horrible noises, as if it’s just about to expire, but did keep going.  It does quite a good job of steering, most of the time silently monitoring the course,  but when it needs to make an input it over corrects and then counter corrects in a little spasm of noisy activity  which goes on for half a dozen cycles before it settles down into silence again.

Any rolling –  like you get when a power boat overtakes and leaves a wake, sets it off on a long tussle with the tiller even if there is only yawing movement . I’ve tried al the different settings for rudder response but found no improvement. I think that really it’s too fussy and would be better if less responsive to a minute course deviation.

I tried it  with running in bigish  seas in a strong wind for a little while. It coped but was extra busy and working nearly non stop. it would use more electricity in the these conditions.

I was originally concerned that I wouldn’t have enough electricity available to keep it going but there was plenty.  My 30 watt  solar panel provided more than it needed so the battery voltage stayed at the maximum – even during a rainy period. So quite pleased on the score.

The trip

On the last part of my trip, while sailing from Newtown River to Poole I saw this sail training ship at anchor in the W. Solent waiting for a fair tide.  I’ve come across her before and saw her at the entrance to the Dart last year, so getting to be an old friend.

resized_june 2015 trip 082 resized_june 2015 trip 083.

The W Solent has fewer big ships to contend with but still has a some ship traffic. Met this little container ship there.

resized_june 2015 trip 084

On return to Poole I went straight to my usual anchorage at Rusty Bow Point and went for a stroll ashore to stretch my legs.  Noticed this new electric fence on the heathland near there but no sign of live-stock. Mysterious .. Anyone know what it’s for?

resized_june 2015 trip 087

This shot of  part of Poole harbour taken the same evening from the heath

resized_june 2015 trip 088

This abandoned electric cable exposed  at low tide, Poole harbour. A shame that people don’t clear up their own mess.

resized_june 2015 trip 090

resized_june 2015 trip 092

The Condor ferry which runs from Poole is truly hideous. More like a space ship than a ferry.

resized_june 2015 trip 094

Altruistic.I must donate.

resized_june 2015 trip 096

This would be a very elegant sailing boat with a bit of care from its owner. Sad about the sail being left like that. It’s astonishing the number of nice boats which are just left to rot.

resized_june 2015 trip 099 resized_june 2015 trip 100

Taken while at anchor in the R Piddle during my final evening. It had to wade through very soft mud before reaching the water and sank in up to its knees and the ebb stream was running hard too but it was unfazed. It returned by the same route a short time later…

I didn’t see my friendly seal in the River Piddle this time. I hope that he or she is OK and still around



2 thoughts on “June 2015 sailing trip – final thoughts

  1. Hey Jim, thanks for your trip report. I cant get over how wonderful it must be to have such attractive traffic (tall ships and the like), nothing like that down here in Oz, well very rare anyhow. Fence sign looked like it was meant to keep humans out, cos animals cant read much ;))

    Intersting, your ongoing experiences with electric windvane & solar power.May vive it a whirl when the time comes.

    Regards, Terry


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