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The Tiller Pilot is back


They sent me a a new one to replace the defunct one that I sent back under guarantee.

Must admit to being a little surprised to get a new one today.   I fully expected to get my own one back after a little repair. I guess that the belt broke or the drive pinion came adrift from the armature or something equally trivial and it wouldn’t take long for a technician to open up the casing, and fix the problem.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, although the process seemed to take a long time in my estimation. – 19 elapsed days from when I returned it in person to Piplers at Poole Quay to the arrival of the replacement by carrier. Anyway we’re now sorted, so thanks to Piplers and all concerned.

I see from the box that the device is still described as giving reliable steering. We shall see in the fullness of time

resized_and cropped may 15 014

BTW The weather here in the south of the UK has been really awful lately. Gales and rain and chilly.


4 thoughts on “The Tiller Pilot is back

  1. Good result Jim. Piplers yacht chandlers was my first job after leaving school back in 1972. Happy memories and pleased to hear they stepped up to the mark. Roly.


  2. The weather made for interesting sailing down at Plymouth last weekend. We had everything from gusting F7 to mirror calm, with several types of rain. Good fun!


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