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Castle Rings

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I try to get to a different spot sometimes for my walk as it’s nice to have some variety.and we have lots of choices for walking around this district.. I favour wooded areas, they give shade from the sun and we’re not likely to meet up with any sheep – which is a consideration when walking with dogs..

This morning me and my Assistant together with our neighbour’s dog went for a ramble in the woods near an Iron Age hill fort which is near here .


Lots to catch my eye there. Some lovely trees

resized_apr 15 001

I did wonder why this one has this large carbuncle attached. Intriguing.

resized_apr 15 030.

And this has lost a huge branch fairly recently

resized_apr 15 028

the big part that came off is now lying on the ground.

resized_apr 15 029

No sign of damage from lightening, so presumably the consequence of a recent gale.

The prehistoric earthwork double rings are overgrown with large mature trees but still impressive. Mostly about 25/30 feet from the bottom of the ditch to the top of the ramparts.

They must have been higher when constructed but still more than enough remaining to give an impression of what it must been like all those thousands of years ago.

resized_apr 15 015

resized_apr 15 018

Some more recent earthworks were  evident too To think that wild animals have been burrowing under the ramparts for all those years and yet  it still survives mainly intact.

resized_apr 15 017

The interior area within the double ring system is now pasture land . The iron age village long gone.

resized_apr 15 014

resized_apr 15 013

The ditch between the ramparts is very overgrown in places

resized_apr 15 011 resized_apr 15 012

Sadly, wherever there’s a public path which is near a road, someone tips some rubbish. I really can’t understand why people are so disgusting. There’s an official tipping place a couple of miles away where householders can get rid of their rubbish for free.

resized_apr 15 022

resized_apr 15 023

It must be admitted that some rubbish is more interesting

I came across this dump of old agricultural implements a few yards further in along the path

resized_apr 15 002 resized_apr 15 003

resized_apr 15 004

Some detail. Made in Canada. So this item was imported to the UK all that time ago which surprises me. Looks like a simple bit of old time farm equipment which a major manufacturing nation – as we used to be  – would have no trouble making. Perhaps it came here during the Second World War when industry was fully extended producing arms and ammunition and much was imported from the New World.

resized_apr 15 005

The machines all look to me as they were originally horse drawn and have been converted locally for towing with a tractor by someone adding a simple angle iron drawbar.

resized_apr 15 007 resized_apr 15 026

An interesting find for me, as I’m fascinated by old agricultural whatnots and I would guess that these are fairly old. I reckon  the horse that pulled them, back in the day, must have died at least sixty years  ago.

So it’s nice to see old rubbish but I dislike the new…..



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