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Election fever

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I delivered some more leaflets to houses in Shaftesbury this afternoon for the North Dorset Green Party’s  election campaign.  Only 100 this time as they only have a few leaflets left out of the many thousands that were printed, so the job didn’t take me  very long. As they’re a small political party every penny counts and they couldn’t afford to get as many leaflets printed as they really wanted. I didn’t take my assistant with me, she’s dreadful at walking on a lead and likely to leave an unwelcome calling card on someone’s door step.

I did point out to the local organiser that putting out leaflets door to door isn’t actually very green since they nearly all get binned, but as she responded,  there’s few other ways to bring the party to the electorate…..

I’m quite excited by the forthcoming General Election. Although here in North Dorset is a safe Conservative seat and the Tory candidate is sure to be elected in this constituency  (around here they’d vote for a donkey so long as it had a blue rosette), nationally the outcome is far from certain and no one is sure what will happen  this time.

The election battle is really fought in the 100 or so marginal constituencies  and not in the shires like here. So I’m almost disenfranchised by the first past the post system, but think it still worth making an effort to vote for those who’s policies most nearly align with my own views . This time there are more small parties to vote for and it should be possible for everyone to find a party to suit their views.

The Greens can’t possibly win but may get enough votes here to enable them to keep their  deposit intact.and become stronger for the next time, in 2020. Perhaps one day we’ll get proportional representation. so that everyone’s vote will count.

resized_apr 15 003

My leaflets bag. Not exactly bulging.

resized_apr 15 001

A leaflet. Vote Barrington!



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