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Makes a change from mud


The walking around the Blackmore Vale – where I live – is very muddy and soft due to the waterlogged clay soil here, although it has dried out slightly in the recent spring sunshine.

So for a change today, I walked along some of the old Drove Road which runs high up along the chalk ridge going towards Salisbury. This is an ancient trackway which has been in use since prehistoric times.

In the days before proper roads, the tracks in the soggy lowlands became impassable in the winter wet and the free draining chalk soil on top of the ridge was the only passable terrain for driving cattle from place to place.

I took our own dog – my assistant  – and a neighbour’s dog along too.

resized_apr 15 013

Nice to walk on the dry chalk track without all the mud that I’m so used to.

resized_apr 15 019

Although the track was rough in a few places. Easy for me to avoid the puddles by going on the grass at the side. But the dogs just  enjoy a dip in the water. The Golden Lab sitting in the puddle is my neighbour’s and is even keener to get wet than my own dog.

My assistant enjoys a paddle in the puddles but the other one likes to go in deep. Very deep if there’s enough water. She’ll get immersed  if she can,  so all that can be seen is a stream of bubbles coming up through the muddy water..

resized_apr 15 020

I think that this house belongs to Guy Ritchie the film director, but I’m not sure.

resized_apr 15 021

resized_apr 15 030 resized_apr 15 031

looking north

resized_apr 15 026

my boots – no mud, ha

resized_apr 15 023resized_apr 15 028

It’s not all open vistas although there aren’t many areas with trees around there.

Eventually arrived back to where we’d left the car at Win Green. (National Trust)

resized_apr 15 032

It was a nice walk where I don’t normally go. The dogs enjoyed it too although Milli  – the neighbours dog  – was so so worn out when we got back to the car, that she needed to be helped to scramble in.


2 thoughts on “Makes a change from mud

  1. Another wonderful resume of a great day out. One of my favourite areas Jim, we used to hang glide at Monks Down just a bit further along the track shown. Guy Richies place is on the south of Monks Down and down in a valley. Keep up the wonderful windows on life, very enjoyable. Cheers Jim. Roly.


    • Thanks for your comment Roly. I wasn’t quite sure about who owns that wonderful house, so thanks for pointing that out.
      I’ll try and pay a visit to your flying field some time this year and maybe we’ll run into each other then .


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