Sailing my Paradox and country living

How do they stay so white

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while swimming in such dirty water?


resized_scrounger newton river

They always visit while I’m in the Newtown Estuary because they’re on the scrounge for food – I reckon that more than a few sailors give them leftover bits, so they get used to being fed from yachts.  IIf you don’t feed them they get upset and belligerent, hissing and flapping their wings to show their displeasure. My little boat is so low that they can tap on the windows with their beaks and almost reach in through the sliding hatch.  They’re big and fierce and intimidating when they try that.  Shouting at them has little effect , but If I shut the hatch and lie down out of their sight,  they soon give up scrounging and clear off to have a go at another boat. I’ve heard that they all belong to the Queen and if that’s so, it’s about time  that she gave them some training and discipline  Get to it please Ma’am

resized_stove lit at anchor newton river

This shows a little of how mucky the water is there. Note the weed collecting on the anchor rode. If you just leave it for a few hours loads of weed collects so that when you eventually haul the anchor  in there is as much weight of weed as there is weight of anchor to sort out.

If there’s a some wind I tie the halyard and topping lift away from the mast – as you see,  to get a quieter night.


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