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I’m a shopper now

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Had to run an errand for a good friend today. She’d just had to go into hospital for a long awaited  knee replacement operation but had ordered a new TV from Argos in Blandford, which would be there today ready to be picked up. So I  volunteered to do the necessary for her.

It’s the first time that I’ve ever been to any Argos  store and  I found it all very strange. They seem to have no merchandise on display at all.Both the outside of the store and the inside where customers wait was very plain. Reminded me of a public convenience, but with computers.. The customers chose what they want from a catalogue, pay and get a receipt and then wait for the staff to fetch the item from a back room.

What a funny carry on.

Stopped at an independent store  in Shaftesbury for a few items for the house  on the way back. What a contrast . Picked my own items from the stock on the shelf and at the check-out desk the chap added the value of the items in his head effortlessly and accurately.  You don’t often get that today . So unusual that I was slightly amazed. More usually the check-out operator zaps the barcode with a laser pen thing and the computer works out the total and even how much change to give back. Nice to see the old ways aren’t quite dead.

I thought later that ‘shopping’ is something I never do so today was a novel experience for me. I go to Lidl or sometimes Waitrose to pick-up the groceries for the week and if I need to get something more esoteric I order it online. But to be honest I don’t actually buy much stuff. Our cottage is already pretty full and my wife’s habit is more than enough for us both.

The little green Citroen was running very well today.   It thrives on cooler weather.


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