Sailing my Paradox and country living

The last few days

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I noted that the ash trees are shedding their leaves.

resized_Picture 001 resized_Picture 002 resized_Picture 003

Interesting that this happens much later than the oaks lose theirs

You can see how the fallen ash leaves are fresh looking compared to the oak ones which look brown  and shrivelled which are lying under them

resized_Picture 004

resized_Picture 005

It’s peak season for fungi now..These ones look a bit frayed as if some thing’s been eating them

When it rains hard  outside it’s only rains slightly inside

My little green Citroen had a new  acrylic canvass roof. about 10 years ago which keeps the rain  out pretty well. Much better than the original one which leaked a lot . I’m pleased with how well its lasting too as 10 years isn’t bad for a canvass top. I treat it with some silicon spray stuff now and again but haven’t done this for a year or so. Took these photos of it when I was caught in a shower a couple of days ago. Impressive how the rain drops bead up on the surface instead of soaking in to the fabric.

resized_Picture 007

resized_Picture 008

The individual beads.

Today I spent a little time cutting up some firewood for our house.

I made a special bench 20 years ago for cutting with a chainsaw which makes the job go quicker and easier. The bench used  to look decent and and was once even painted, but it’s seen a lot of service, been left outside  since and got bent when a neighbour’s teenage son ran it over with a tractor so not looking so elegant now.

The saw’s a bit tired looking too . The safety chain brake is completely missing , as you can see and I file down each of the rakers to about 50thou so it really zips through the wood. The health and safety police would have a fit if they knew, but it really is a little goer.

resized_Picture 011 resized_Picture 012 resized_Picture 014


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