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Winter wheat

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This field is part of the farm very near to where I live and where I go most days for a walk. I took these two pictures of the same field only three weeks apart. The first one shows the field just after it was ploughed, before the  earth had been worked down to a fine tilth ready for planting.  The second shows the situation 3 weeks later. It’s been sown with winter wheat which has not only germinated but has grown impressively in the short time. We’ve had an exceptionally warm period lately which has helped the wheat get ahead nicely.

In the second picture you can see where the tractor driver made a cock-up. The bare patch in the foreground is where he failed to start the seeds going from the drill soon enough after starting that row. It’s a hazard of  sowing cereals that if you make a mistake  the evidence lasts  so your mates can laugh at you in the pub for a whole year.

I don’t know what they’re going to use the wheat for though. It’s grown as feed for cattle and with the milk price being so poor and the beef trade struggling too, I fear that they’ll never recover their costs.resized_ october 2014 001 (39)

resized_Picture 004


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