Sailing my Paradox and country living

Maggie’s old car has an airing.


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We bought this little Peugeot 205 diesel brand new in 1990 and we’ve had it ever since. For the last 2 or 3 years it’s not been used on the road as Maggie now finds it very difficult  to operate the clutch so has recently bought a small automatic car for herself.

But since we’ve had this one for 24 years it’s become an old friend and we treasure it, keeping it well serviced and in full working order as a spare car,  available for use should the need arise.  Every few weeks I disconnect the battery conditioner and drive it up and down the forecourt to warm up the engine and generally get its molecules moving.


3 thoughts on “Maggie’s old car has an airing.

  1. Very enjoyable reading, Jim. I hope you never need to use the big anchor in earnest! Cheers, Bill.


    • Hello Bill, nice to hear from you.
      I hope so too but the anchor does make good ballast and nice to have in reserve. With the chain it weighs about the same as the water ballast which previously occupied that storage space and leaves some room for additional stores if required


      • The anchor makes better use of the space, especially for the sort of sailing you do. I like your modifications such as the sheet lead, the autopilot attachment and the outboard gismo for raising and lowering it.

        All the best, Bill.


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