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thinking about the anchors

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After my trip in April, when I accidentally lost my best anchor, I decided to carry a better selection on the boat just in case of more losses.  So now have the new 7.5 kg claw anchor which was bought as a direct replacement  and is identical to the lost one. Also a small 5lb Danforth dinghy anchor which is surprisingly effective in mud bottoms and the  12 lb Danforth type , which came with the boat when I bought it from Bill Serjeant .

Then there is the big beast, a 15kg folding fisherman style with 30 metres of 6mm chain. (thats 35lb ,100 feet of 1/4inch chain if you’re American) ,which languishes in the bottom of the boat as ballast all the time. With the chain shackled to it, it’s really  heavy and awkward to assemble and move about . I would guess it weighs about 60lbs with the chain    My rationale for having it is that it would be good as a ‘last chance’ storm anchor if I met conditions that were off the scale for my comfort zone, which I never have and hopefully never will.

resized_Picture 006resized_Picture 005

The big beast assembled ready to go. A locking pin holds the flukes in position in either the deployed or folded position. The cross bar or stock also has a locking plate which slides into place to keep it from falling out. It’s all made from malleable cast iron and immensely strong.

It’s  resting on my home made sleeping mattress to protect the hatch from being damaged. The mattress is 3 inches thick BTW. and very tough yet comfortable.

resized_Picture 008

Folded and stowed in the locker with one and a half litre plastic water bottles to give some scale.

The stock is in there too, just out of sight under the edge of the grey board. It plugs into the round hole on the right of the picture.



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