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Duncliffe wood

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I took my assistant to her favourite place today for a nice little run.  I enjoyed it too as the wood is looking lovely at the moment with the leaves just beginning to turn brown and the weather was just right ,not too cold or hot and no rain.. The wood belongs to the Woodland Trust and I did pay to be member a while ago, so like to go there now and again.

resized_Picture 015

Our little car after we arrived in the car park.

resized_Picture 017 resized_Picture 022

The track through the wood was not too muddy.     My assistant sniffing where other dogs had been?

resized_Picture 023 resized_Picture 026

I had a breather on one of the memorial seats. These are seats which have been paid for  by relatives of the departed. I’m not sure how long the payment is valid for , I think that after a few years they take the seat away unless the relatives pay again, which seems disrespectful to me.

resized_Picture 024 resized_Picture 025

I had to brush some leaves off the seat with my hand. The placard screwed to the back of the seat.

resized_Picture 027My assistant waiting impatiently for the walk to get going again. For an old dog she’s very energetic (she’ll soon be 11 years old)

Finally, I got my sunglasses back today    I bought them 8 months ago from the local optician’s shop to help protect my eyes on the recommendation of the optician, as I have a cataract – which is due to be operated on soon.

But the lenses are treated with some coating which unfortunately started lifting off.   So took them back a week ago and now they’ve been replaced free of charge. I’m pleased with the good service from the optician. The sunglasses were expensive -98quid – which is a lot of money in my book. I hope that they now last for a long time so that I can get my monies worth.. We’ll see.

resized_Picture 030


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