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wet dog walks

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Dog walk in the rain today.And some rain yesterday too. So the farm track is getting pretty muddy and splashy.

resized_dog walks october 2014 001 (43) resized_dog walks october 2014 001 (42)

Not improved by the farm traffic. making it more squelchy than before.

Not too bad if I walk on the side of the track where the bit of remaining vegetation helps keep me out of the mud

The farmer is having built a vast new shed for storing hay and straw and the   building blokes have been putting the finishing touches to it recently.

sept 2014 trip 015 sept 2014 trip 016

It’s big as you can see. It’s 80 feet wide by about 200 feet long. Some rain got onto the camera lens for the second photo. Sorry about that.

But the fields aren’t all mud. In some parts the ground is so dry even after the recent rain that big cracks caused by the ground shrinking as it dries in the summer are still there

resized_sept 2014 trip 008 resized_sept 2014 trip 006

I’m sure that this is the oldest oak tree on the farm. A couple of years ago, during a summer gale, one huge branch – nearly half the tree nearly separated from the rest, but all it lives on. . resized_sept 2014 trip 012 resized_sept 2014 trip 013

Finally, a shot of our rainy back garden taken taken today. The white plastic chair fell over in the strong winds a day or two ago and I haven’t got around to putting it away yet.


resized_sept 2014 trip 018



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